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Do you want to bring life back to your worn out deck? 🌤

Here are some helpful tips to keep your deck looking great!

1. Inspect your deck for any damages, shaky railings, loose boards, and loose nails.

2. Replace any damaged boards.

3. Replace all loose nails with wood screws.

4. Remove any loose paint with a paint scraper.

5. Sand any cracked or splintered areas using 60 or 80 grit sandpaper and 80-100 grit on railings *

6. Clean the deck with a biodegradable outdoor cleaner to remove dirt, grime, and mildew. Try using a bristle brush to help lift tough stains (do not use on cedar or redwood, it may scar the softwood)*

7. Pressure wash the deck using a low setting and allow it to completely dry before adding the staining.

8. Apply the stain in small sections to cover each area properly. Please make sure to follow the manufactures instructions.

9. Allow the deck to completely dry before walking on it and returning patio furniture.

Remember, properly maintaining your deck can add more years of pleasure. Over time the wood can wear down and begin to rot if not properly maintained. For more information visit

Contact Painting By Trees for all of your house painting needs.

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📞 (770) 917-8699

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