"Let me shade your house with a good coat of paint!"
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Painting by Trees has been in business since 1998. We are a residential painting company and small commercial with 2 full time employees. We stress on having a low impact to your home/work and life when our workers are in and out of your home/business. We always call you back within 48 hours on week days with good customer service. We can use colors from many painting supply companies including Sherwin Williams, which is our preferred paint supplier, because of their product quality and durability.

Primary Painting Jobs

House Interior repaints and exterior repaints

Pressure washing: houses, decks, driveways, sidewalks, fences, and roofs

Staining: decks and fences

Small commercial office interior repaints, and churches, school classrooms

My motto is “To have a great paint job, great prep work is a must”

Prep work that needs to be done

Cleaning, pressure washing

Caulking includes:

- Cracks

- Bee Holes

- Knot Holes

- WoodPecker holes, etc.


Replacing trim boards including:

- Windows

- Doors

- Peaks

- Vents

- Replacing siding sections


  • Trent is meticulous in his painting preparation and a stickler for the quality of his paint. In the next 10 years he may only paint your house exterior once, but isn't that the quality of work you desire? When he speaks his tag-line, "Let me shade your house with a good coat of paint," the emphasis is on GOOD.

    Juanita Mucha, ARBONNE Consultant
  • I have known and networked with Trent, with Painting by Trees, for over a year and a half and can honestly say that I am very glad to know him. I refer any work that is out of our scope to him. He does a quality job and is a good person. I trust that anyone that I refer to him will be taken care of in an honest and professional manner.

    Tom Ware, Owner, HANDYMAN MATTERS
  • Trent Trees of Painting By Trees captured my families love of the American West with this color scheme. For the first time we truly feel like own our home! Trent and his colleague were very professional, reasonably priced for the services and expertise they offer and incredibly committed to a clean and professional workspace. When our home was completed it was if the painters were never there!

    Ryan Blythe, Executive Director, Georgia Trade School
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